Cluxton v McAteer

deserves its own thread because it looks like this story could grow.

Just heard McAteer on OTB on newstalk there. sounds well pissed off. he was saying he and Cluxton had a coming together and Cluxton went mental and punched him. says instead of gloating he should come out and apologise. (even though it wasnt Cluxton gloating, but more his mates on twitter). McAteer apologised to Darndale, even though ‘I dont have anything to apologise for’.

In fairness, it was a scumbag thing for Cluxton to do in a charity match. All the hard lads thinking it was great to give McAteer one. Ridiculous. No need to do the whole think of the children routine, but seriously, it is a lousy thing to happen at a charity gig.

Heard that too and honestly thought it was a belated April Fools wind up or something. Macateer going on about Cluxton having a history of red cards and costing Dublin All-Irelands :lol: . You honestly couldn’t make it up! Agree that they are a proper pair of right cunts

Did McAteer headbutt him first?

Didn’t McAteer get an elbow off Keane in a club match before? He must be a cunt if Keane took issue with him…

had heard someone mention that, but doesnt seem to be the case at all. picture of just before it shows McAteer holding him back and Cluxton with a big thick head on him and veins standing out on his neck.

I was led to believe this was all staged

I remember that alright, McAteer made a “writing action type movement” then after just to drive Keane nuts.


As publicity stunts go this has been a very successful one, looking forward to it being discussed on Liveline tomorrow.

fair plya to them for pulling it off if it is a hoax, but McAteer sounded fair pissed off, and as dumb as he is, I wouldnt have thought he would take a punch to the face for publicity.

McAteer not wearing shinguards. A terrible example for the kids

The worst thing to come out of this is that it gives that cunt Bernard Dunne further oxygen. You had your five minutes, now take your Hunky Dorys and fuck off.

Maybe everyone except McAteer was in on it

Jase is a good lad IMO.

We don’t produce World Champions every day, never mind World Champions who are a credit to their family, sport, city and country - unreal begrudgery - Dunne is a legend.


The media were all over him at the end of the match looking for interviews, but Jason just wanted to wash and go.

Ah that’s brilliant. I had forgotten how high he was.

Publicity Powers has put up 10K for a rematch, the spoils to go to the winners charity. Puts the two boys in awkward spot.