Colds and flus

Hi Dudes,

Its that time of year when everyone (including your long suffering narrator) gets colds and flus and i wanted to give people the oppurtunity to comment or post their suggested remedies.

My contribution is:

  • Lemsip does NOT work
  • Sleep really helps. The last two nights i went to bed at 8 and got up a 9. Really noticed an improvement. I even managed a spot of midweek drinkin last night, but couldnt taste the beer and wings and wedges that well at all :’(. Hoping to really shake it off this friday for a big night out. USA USA USA.

Anyway share your suggestions for remedy, or at least post something funny.

Best remedy is a hard night out on the tiles. You’ll feel shite the next day but if ya have the flu you’ll feel like that anyway.

Get well soon Ball, our thoughts are with you and all those close to you. You’ve been quiet on the poetry front lately, any chance of a few lines regarding your brave battle against this latest setback? Or perhaps a tirade against John Kerry for his ridiculing of those brave troops in Iraq?