Collins quits Hibs

Strange timing. Linked with the Scottish job but the SFA are saying his resignation is unrelated.

I don’t think he’s a great manager myself. He’s alright but he hasn’t been brilliant - he has been tipped as a future Celtic manager but I wouldn’t want him near Celtic Park. Mowbray was a better manager in my opinion.

Seems odd to me also.

He’s always been quite an arrogant person. He might have got the huff over having to sell players like Brown, Thomson, Whittaker et al since last year and was perhaps informed that he could expect to lose others in January also and stormed out of the club.

I don’t know but the timing’s strange too as they’re having a decent season and I presume he was aware of the financial restrictions at the club when he took over.

Lawrie Sanchez is leaving Fulham today. JC on his way there in all probability.

I think Hibs have the best squad of players in the SPL outside Celtic and Rangers and they struggled to be a top 6 team last year. Better this season but only marginally. He has made decent acquisitions but he’s an arrogant fook like you say - always falling out with people.

Remember when he was at Monaco and he kept leting on that he was some kind of legend because he was playing abroad - as if he was the first one ever to do so.

Of course the media jumped on the bandwagon saying things like ‘John Collins will be able to last the 90 minutes - after all he plays for Monaco’ - as if that made him fitter or something…

Yeah he was a weird sort of guy and he had a reputation for being continental which made him hugely respected. That said he was a smashing player at Celtic. Proper class player at a time when Celtic had very few (him, Rieper and McStay and the fleeting star strikers who soon left).

A story went around last year that Collins was unhappy with the Hibs’ players fitness and dedication in training. So one particular morning before training he stripped downs to his underpants and told the assembled first team squad that his was the type of physique they all should be aiming for. Interesting about Sanchez - I thought he’d live off those Occupied Six results for years but they’ve only got him half a year at a rubbish EPL club. He’ll end back in the lower leagues.