Colm Cooper


I felt privileged to be in Croke Park today to witness this genius at work. An absolute joy to behold.

Rarely have I left a sporting event as awe struck by someone's performance as i was today. I hope the tv picked up how good he was.




Hes no Packy Mcgarty DB


he is a hideous looking cunt- would get found out if he played a real sport


before my time Massey but I'd well believe you clap


tase, what in your opinion distinguishes the great footballers from the rest?


wtf?? he plays gga mate- its a shit game with little or no skill

lads- in case you dont know what cooper looks like I googled him there for you all,r:17,s:0&biw=1280&bih=528



Why the fuck do you attend so many GAA matches TASE ???


i dont think i have ever attended a GAA match

on a side, was out & about today & there was a failed property developer on tv comparing a failed trialist for qpr to messi


Fuck me, this is some low shite from Tase


Eh mate, it's me, thedancingbaby

We've attended numerous games together


[color="#0066cc"][](, on 25 January 2009 - 01:41, said:

It came to my attention in Glasgow today that some of north county corncrake's friends called over to him on the morning of his wedding a few years back.

He had been holed up in a Brisbane hotel and was settling his pre-wedding nerves with a few drinks in the lobby and had invited the lads over to get the day going in the best way possible.

The entourage arrived into the hotel just after breakfast and were met with the sight of NCC kicking back with a whiskey while wearing a Dublin GGA jersey.

I'm shocked.


The guy is a mutant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




bandage has admitted privately & online that he may have got that story wrong




Controversial stuff from Gooch in the interview there


I have admitted privately and I think I may have admitted online (subsequent to that initial post) that I probably got that story about TASE wrong.


NCC = TASE :o :unsure:


Weak, reminiscent of Brian "On mature reflection" Lenihan.