Colm Cooper


Is this a film by Almodovar? While he would be at the more commercial end of the type of film I peruse, I find his work tolerable. Anything more mainstream makes my head hurt with the regret of thousands or perfectly good brain cells being killed by moronic nonsense. Its why I haven't read any author other than Brian O'Nolan for the past 23 years.


Christ all that for that.


you must bore the checkout girls



If the Gooch releases many more “extracts” from his book no one will need to buy it at all


There’s a PDF file of it doing the rounds.


I think I’d be happier with the storage space tbh.


It comes with a free U2 album.


The Gooch struck me as someone with very little to say based on his Sunday Game punditry.

A brilliant footballer undoubtedly.


Seems like another fairly drab GAA autobiography.


Presumably the extracts have been selected as the most interesting/controversial parts of the book. On that basis I can’t see there being much of interest.


Any autobiography that is serialised in a newspaper is to be avoided.


Did Tom Humphries ghost write it?


I’d be happy to receive a free copy the fucker is lining his pockets enough


Would you plan on selling it on at a profit?


No of course not, ‘people before profit’ is my mantra


Paraic Duffy has said he didn’t give Colm Cooper the go ahead to have a testimonial dinner on behalf of the GAA, contrary to Cooper’s claims.

Joe Brolly also said he didn’t apologise to Cooper for criticising the concept of Cooper having a testimonial dinner, contrary to Cooper’s claims.

I’m wondering if Colm Cooper can be trusted.


I have been assured by someone who has seen it, that Joe sent a text to Colm, I suspect it will possibly make its way into the public domain in due course if Joe keeps denying. Joe is tremendous fun.

Duffy is launching a few broadsides on his way out. The GAA was unable to stop Cooper having the testimonial, this won’t last much longer I suspect, expect Central Council to close this one off shortly.


Brolly hasn’t said he didn’t send a text.

He did say that in that text he never apologised for saying what he said about Cooper. He did say that he didn’t mean to cause the furore around it since.


Brolly sent a text, Cooper lied about its content

Cooper is a liar & simpleton