Colm Cooper


Exodus 21:7
"When a man sells his daughter as a slave, she shall not go free as male slaves do."

Whats the going price for a daughter?


South Dublin is a state of mind man, not a geographic location


I’d agree. Where I dont is that Cooper has thrown an ambiguous reference to charities into it and even now, despite saying we’ll have to see on the night how much they get. He either should have nailed down the exact percentage or amount the charity got, or fucked out the charity idea altogether. It stinks of piggy backing on the goodwill of people in the charities. He’d have sold enough or got enough without them, and if he did really want them involved, then you cant do the typical Kerry yerra about it all.


I’d agree with that. The charity bit is wrong. I think he put it in to make it seem like he wasn’t just grabbing money, when he clearly was. People are now using it as a stick to beat him with and probably rightly so, if you mention raising money for charity you should be very upfront about who and how much etc
Now as I’ve said I’ve no issue with him grabbing money, if people are willing to pay it then best of luck to him.


Hes from Clontarf


They don’t validate what Christ said, according to scripture.

“Love your enemies; do not hate, be reconciled” (Matt. 5:38-48; 5:21-24).

Jesus showed compassion for all and helped them: the poor, the despised, the outcasts, and wants us to do the same (Matt. 4:24-25;9:9-13).


I don’t hate. I just believe that greed should come back to haunt you if you don’t repent.


Alright then you’re a Zealot so.

Remember that in future.


that’s a reasonable approach


Dublin is all the one to me the same as “down the country” is all the same to them. He is still a prick regardless


Slavery acceptable in the bible shocker



too scared to play for his country

I would go home with a very sour taste in my mouth after that. Why bother putting your health on the line for a glorified exhibition game against opponents intent on inflicting physical damage? The atmosphere was just appalling out there. One Irish player was even head-butted.

Before we’d left the stadium I think I said it to my room-mate, Eoin Brosnan. ‘I won’t be playing this again Brossie, not this shit.’ Just felt I was better off at home, looking after myself for Dr Crokes and Kerry rather than risking having my career ended by some Australian clown doing a decent impression of a thug.


TBF he’s not wrong there. They nearly kilt Beano.


Like all the Dublin players this year?


Fenlon would have gone if he’d been paid enough.


Why would they risk their pro career with Dublin by going out foreign to play some amateur made up sport.


yes mate , like de duds


Fair point, I doubt they could have had their dinners delivered beyond in Bibbityyabbawongo Creek.


Sure dinner crawls right up onto your porch over there.
All you have to do is kill it.