Common Struggles - Native Americans & Irish Republicans

It’s gas… The racist Irish - shur they all look red to me. The Choctaw are not even related to the Navajo. Choctaw are historically from the South east , Navajo northwest before settling southwest… Be like someone likening us to the Turks… Pig ignorant Roasters like @BruidheanChaorthainn @balbec and @Copper_pipe making a show of us.

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Nice to see the irish have a few quid to spare. But I cant condone what white bull done to colonel Custer. So I will not be supporting the cause .

A mighty sound gesture

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Is there no end to the torture of my people…

Oh sure, blame Canada.

Disgusting mate

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Another mass grave found in Saskatchewan last week. The second of many. Countless churches across Canada have spontaneously combusted in the week since.

Id say he spouted some scutter

Probably wrote a poem

He didn’t forget to get the dinner in anyhow. He’s the example Co Board delegates everywhere aspire to