Companies that are the same

Always surprised when you hear of two or more companies that are the same that you think are in competition with eachother. So what better way to avoid future surprise than to create a list of same.

King and Tayto
Dixons and Currys and PC World
Adidas and Reebok and Rockport and TaylorMade
Compaq and HP

This may well be extrememly boring, I’m not much use at starting new threads sometimes.

Hunky Dorys BBQ and Hunky Dorys Mature Cheddar Cheese.

Wait did I pick you up wrong?

Hunky Dory, King, Perri and Tayto all the same company now.

Well the car manufacturers are all one big family.
For eg.
Audi Bentley Bugatti Lamborghini SEAT and Skoda and all owned by Volkswagen, but Porsche owen Volskwagen.

There are other obvious ones out there but I like the Porsche owning the big boys story.

Also, with regards to the board. Flano ownes NCC.

Yours in vroom,

TheFreeKick and AnFearRua

both owned by PV who are in turn owned by clarehurlers.

Guinness, Carlsberg etc. etc.

Bus ireann and Iarnrd ireann.

Argos and Homebase.

Fianna Fil and Fine Gael.

Fianna Fil and the Green Party.

Shocking thread this.

Sunday Indo and Sunday Tribune
Today FM and Newstalk

Youtube and googlevideo

Ulster Bank and RBS.

Cian Foley and Art Foley, both owned by Mong enterprises

And Ray Foley.

:clap:I heard a bit of him the other day. He’s abbhorent.

HBV* and WITJ.


The Real IRA, the Continuity IRA and MI5.

any sign of whiskey the little bollix today ben?