Company Men aka the Dick Clerkin Thread

Every member of Sinn Fein.

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Yeah he was good at the start but get sick of him now. Mario Rosenstock another one. He depresses the fuck out of me. He’s genuinely not that good of an impressionist. I’ve to listen to him in work every morning and the last two weeks he’s been doing different sketches based on Shawshank Redemption which are getting badly tedious.

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His Roy Keane impression is poor in my opinion.

Was funny at the start where he’d also take the piss out of Johnson Keane but that was nearly 20 years ago now.

Greg Norman

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Roy Keane

Jon Moss

Phil Thompson.

Jeffrey Donaldson

Noelle Healy.

Eddie Brennan.
The End.

Jarlath Burns

One of the biggest company men of them all. The walking talking LinkedIn page that is Jake Humphrey is leaving BT.

He is some ball of shite that fella.


Unreal ball of shite.

Barry Glendenning incoming…

And he’s absolutely brutal at the presenting job too, despite his all his guff.

High performance etc. etc.


Salty Dick.