Yep, unless there is some protection for the head that keeps the head stable and stops the brain moving in the skull.


So it’s all about identifying it and implementing rules/protocols around return to play.

Quite difficult in combat sports where the objective is to concuss your opponent.

Pretty much and about everyone involved being serious about the return to play protocols.

Also try not to get in the head.


I hope on one discovers he was also a prominent rugby player too…

It’s a sad story but a rubbish article. It starts off by talking about a footballer getting 6 concussions before he is 20, but then goes on to say his first one was in a rugby game when he was 15. Where he got the next 2 is unclear but it seems to also have been in rugby games. The damage was clearly done from getting a first concussion so young, from then on he was just waiting for the next to occur.

You would want your head examined to play a six nations game.

My brother summed it up well a couple of years back. His 15 year old son declared that he was taking up rugby as a couple of school friends played.

His response was to suggest that the young fella lie down on the driveway while he drove the car over him a couple of times to see if he could get to like that.
End of conversation


At least the Italians are honest about it as opposed to the sweep sweep mentality they have over here.

One of the Queensland Reds staggering off the field there. Like a lad in the stone horrors.

Many at this?

Like a scene from the baldoyle afc over 35s last night I believe. Absolute carnage according to an onlooker. A forum favourite is apparently approaching the most dubious of milestones, red cards into 3 figures over his ‘career’.

2 men and a dog.