That was long winded way of saying “head a ball”.

None that spring to mind, although I’ve headed a fair amount of kickouts in my time


Surprise surprise, soccer types circling the wagons and defending the barbaric practice of heading the soccer ball. No to protective headgear. Just carry on as before.


You’re a cunt


What kind of apes would slag a fella for minding his teeth?


Scummy soccer types.


To be fair it was fucking hilarious when he tried to shout man on with a mouth full of plastic.

Maaam Om


This is one of those sayings, which may have been funny the first time, depending on the context.

But now it’s just a tired, pathetic phrase used by tired pathetic posters


The scummy soccer crowd don’t like it up em


Take a look in the mirror. Tired pathetic poster resorting to personal abuse and name calling when you’ve lost the argument.


I was more or less agreeing with you, hbv comes in then and you go full hard chaw for a few likes.

You’re a sad bastard all the same. Scummy soccer types and you’ll shite on about Spurs at the first chance to mention them


Another one obsessed with Spurs. Don’t tell me you’re going to turn the Concussions thread into another discussion on Spurs.


Are you concussed now?


Nope, just pointing out a bit of glaring hypocrisy.

Helmets, shoulder pads, gum shields, leg protectors, ball cups for all. Everyone should wear wooly sweaters and break for tea at half time for an hour.


How many fingers am I holding up :fu:


soccer is a right gurriers game, on every level, from the players to the fans


You should calm down here. You are acting irrational.


Too many soccer balls to the head possibly.


Mood swings and bad temper are symptoms of concussion



A gentlemans game played by thugs.