The ball is feather weight today thanks to FIFA making moves to ensure player safety … It’s a shame other sports dont take player safety as serious.


Unlike your wife.


lucky me.


FIFA serious about safety. I’ve heard it all.


Player safety … Can you not read?

Do FIFA build stadiums now? I’m pretty sure that’s the Qataris who have hired the illegal darkies to work their sites.


IV seen it first hand the Indian lads working over in the UAE, no different to the ancient Egypt Times. But one thing is guaranteed those stadia will get built.


Its okay so for thousands of Bangladeshi and Pakistani slaves to lose their lives so FIFA can stage their World Cup in Qatar. If you award the World Cup to despotic regimes like Qatar, there’s consequences. Its not as if we haven’t been here before. Argentina 1978 and the Disappeared.


Fair enough mate … I would have thought that’s a bit much but you’re entitled to your opinion.

Just To be clear, Are these lads dying from heading balls on the building site?


Is it safe to drink cans and take drugs whilst on a building site?



the women hater wont like that


Soccer type and paedohile/rape apologist @The_Selfish_Giant trivialising the plight of the slaves in Qatar and mass loss of life.


horrible post. No surprise to see you lashing out when your hypocrisy is laid bare though.



that is all kinds of sad.


Agree. Disappointed in the lads


oooofttt. The paedophile/rapist apologist won’t like that. Exposed as a racist.


Was he concussed?


Getting back on topic. Cycling has a high incidence of concussions and those lads wear helmets.


Helmets dont stop concussion, they stop your skull from getting cracked but they don’t your brain from getting bashed around in the skull.


so basically, no matter what protective gear you put on, in a high impact, high speed, contact sport, there will be concussions.