Congrats to Dancing Baby

He got engaged last weekend

One of the good guys

Not a good guy.

A great guy.

[quote=“Bandage, post: 813834, member: 9”]Not a good guy.

A great guy.[/quote]


a bit nervous about the best man speech but a few whiskeys should sort me out

Engagement no1?

get the fuck out of here you vile simpleton

I’ll be gone in an hour.

Dont do it mate, life is precious. Call the Samaritans.

Ah well done thedancingbaby mate.


Super news. Congrats TDB!

Naturally, there’s only one shitty story guests will want to hear.

Splendid news TDB, you’ve been happy for long enough.

good man
when will the wedding be pal?
PM me for any wedding advice but avoid caoimhaoin 's company like the plague if you want wedding invitaions printed.
a bunch of fliers is what they wanted to give me on recycled paper

what an odd post

[quote=“The Wild Colonial Bhoy, post: 813837, member: 80”]+1

a bit nervous about the best man speech but a few whiskeys should sort me out[/quote]

Don’t get shitfaced - leave that to the groom.

Had to be said I suppose.

This is great news.
I heard he proposed after the race in Galway. I hope they are very happy together

Congrats DB:clap:

Sickening timing from thedancingbaby. No doubt he got some perverse pleasure from timing his engagement to coincide with my father’s 5 year anniversary but I just don’t understand a depraved mind that works that way.

Is this a private joke? Otherwise it’s weird.

is he off the drink that long?

[quote=“farmerinthecity, post: 813854, member: 24”]Ah well done thedancingbaby mate.

Why well done, is it surprising someone agreed to marry him? Is he an ugly fucker?