Congratulations Dunph

I have only just been informed that our very own Dunph, won Best Dressed Male at the Call over in Clonmel last night.
His prize was a weekend for two in the Inchydoney Spa Hotel



His inspiration,

He really put in the effort last night alright, it was a sight to behold, he’s been cultivating those mutton chops since last February in preparation.

Such a pity he didn’t keep it up today, a shiny shell suit didn’t really blend in as he would have hoped today, here’s hoping for a dramatic return to form for the great man tomorrow! :smiley:

I am going to drink you under the table tomorrow.

I bringing a spare hip flask for you!

I was wondering where mine had gotten too.

Best of luck in your new venture Dunph mate. If only the rest of the country had your will to succeed we would not be in the mess we are in. :clap:

Cheers mate I’ll come home in the next two weeks and go back again. It’s hard work selling baguettes to the French…

Bring over a load of Runt’s garlic when you’re going over again, garlic is badly wanted in Gaul.

Give him back to us you French bastards

I’d say The Dunph is in some fleshpot in Pigalle as we speak, regaling the women of Gay Paris on the idiosyncratic contours of the coursing field in Seven Houses.

My theory:

Good theory Runt but there was always a bit of him gone with the fairies.