Connacht Fleadh Cheoil 2010

This is taking place in Mohill over the weekend.

Heading down to get pissed and join in in the festivities.

Canon Donohoe Hall is the main HQ for the fleadh but there is going to be plenty of sessions in most pubs around the town.

You heading down to it Farmer ??

Unfortunately not DB. BrianTinnion is hosting a barbacue in a Dublin superb which have committed to attending.

I may change my mind though.

You heading down mate?

Yeah heading down today Farmer.

Should be a bit of craic

Enjoy it DB. Not making it down this weekend but sounds like a good weekend. Nice to get a bit of fame for Mohill anyway.

fixed that for you !!

Embarrassing spelling and grammar on several counts by Farmer.

Crikey - that was shocking.

Anyway - enjoy DB. I would much rather socialising with proper country folk as opposed to the Residence regulars, and latte drinking toffs that will be attending Tinnion’s do.

But I am a man of my word.

From what I’m hearing there will be plenty of D4 toffs in Mohill this weekend aswell Farmer.

They are on our turf though DB.

The Limerick lad has something to say.