Copa America

Presume Liverpool fc have released a statement condemning the actions ?

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Like a modern day Leonidas. Hopelessly outnumbered but straight into the cunts.


Think Cantona got 9 months, but he was provoked

the only thing is, he is so shit, it will damage Liverpool more if he doesnt face jail time


That’s just hi jinks in South America

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Wonderful scenes. The game is crying out for characters like Darwin. I just wish he was as good as football as he is at losing the rag.

Uruguayanness is one for the Things That Are Right thread.

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He got a few in…

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Merry Christmas Mr Bamford.

The Red Devils lads can’t understand a man defending his wife as they support lads who beat wives.



Fucking hell :joy:




Copa final delayed, fans rushed the gates

Delayed again, an hour and 15 mins after it was meant to start now, rough weekend for American security people

Messi the little prick rolling back onto the field to delay the game

Messi injured in what could be his last act as an Argentina player

This is the worst spectacle of sport i think i’ve ever seem, bitching, moaning, diving, no quality, rolling on the ground. Would put you off the sport.

Great touch by Lo Celso to send Lautaro away, and a sweet finish