Coppers - get here now




Dublin is quite a big city, we have many bank machines:rolleyes:…


Careful Ben, i hear she’s nifty with an iron. :wink:


Not too worried Dunph, I’m sure herself and the iron will end up on the wrong end of the N7/N8 when she comes for revenge.


Ever since Mac got a Mrs Mac it frustrates him to see single attractive women go unmolested around Coppers…


Seemingly so, one would think he would have loftier concerns


yes ye may have but leaving coppers to go in search of nearest bank machine presumable the one beside the palace on camden street is effort just as well coppers takes laser…


I think they only take laser upstairs though, which is a bit of a pain in the hole if you’re downstairs, as it can sometimes take all night to go from one to the other. Throw in the depressing experience of trying to force your way past drunken lumps in GAA tops and it’s a pretty bad night out these days.


Every night in that firetrap is a bad night.


Take that back!


I agree, I’ve had some great nights in coppers but none recently, it’s all over for that place, all over


Thinly veiled it was a minger I pulled there the last night.


Hows the job hunt going?


Keep up MBB. He now works with Carter and Bandage (Or else Flano and Shan).


I’ve only been to Coppers 3 times in my life. I don’t really feel like I’m missing out.


thinly veiled ‘I already have a girlfriend, losers’


Thinly veiled, I’m a Wexican Munter who can’t get a lad to buy me a drink:D.


Shur meself Bandage and Niall McKeigue are old friends, think I’ve bumped into Carter too.


You should have the Wedding reception there…