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He paid Justy a fortune pal. A fortune.


Don’t get me started on that stoop bastard and his cunt brother.




What a fuckin @mac thread :rollseyes:



Pure @Mac


Posted from outside the Ladies’ toilets no doubt.


Sweet suffering Jaysus . This “sport” is turning our association in to a laughing stock .


Accumulated profits at Coppers swelled to €72m last year.

According to reports in the Irish Independent, the cash pile at the Coppers firm last year jumped by €5.1m, from €54.79m to €59.84m.

The company enjoyed the increase in pre-tax profits after its gross profit – including unspecified “other operating income” – increased by 8.5pc, going from €11.35m to €12.32m in the 12 months to the end of January 31 this year.

The €5.1m in pre-tax profits compares with €5m in 2015; €4.9m in 2014 and €5.5m in 2013.

Last year, the company’s accumulated profits increased from €67.58m to €71.96m.


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Fair play to them :clap:
Dead right to cash in now.
They should put the money into Bank Shares and property.