Best review I’ve ever seen of Coppers

  • As already mentioned a boozer choc-full of convivial punters once the clock hits twelve or so and can be a bit slow getting an Arthur Scargle but sure isn’t that all part of the banter?
    Not the worst place in the world to go in the evenings for a few pints and some reasonably priced decent pub grub. Do yourself a favour go early, grub up, stay the night, resist the temptation to play with the traffic cones outside when you’re all thrown out and round a good night off in the Taj Mahal Restaurant around the corner with a Chicken Vindaloo and a few bottles of Cobra beer as the sunlight begins to reappear through the window…

What pisses me off are those people who say they hate Coppers and end up being in there every night of the week. Particularly birds. ‘Oh Coppers is such a shithole’ Why are you always there then? Stupid people

I don’t hate Coppers. You are guaranteed a bit if a buzz in there which I am in the mood for sometimes and not other times. Which is why I go to Coppers sometimes

Coppers is a shitehole really, not many redeeming features. I put up with it because of the easy birds.

Farmer you is bang on!!

In the words of Mr Garrison, or Mr Hat, There are no stupid questions, just stupid people!

I’ve been to Copper’s too often lately.

I’m going back to Whelan’s and The Village this weekend.

I’ve seen a lot of weird scheidt in Copper’s in my time but I don’t specifically dislike the place.

I’ve come to the conclusion that Coppers is best any night other than Friday and Saturday, it gets too packed and too many lads looking for fights.

I’m beginning to see a trend here.

Flango pulled a scouse bird in Copper’s a few Sundays ago.

What niteclub does he like? Copper’s

What nights does he like going there? Not Friday or Saturday, possibly Sunday though.

Flano pulling a bird, ha ha ha lol