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Didn’t realise that they were merged with Ballyclough, I think neighbouring parishes can be a good idea but it’s not ideal to be crossing the catchment of a number of different clubs
Milford/Dromina/Liscaroll would be more like it

Liscaroll amalgamated with Churchtown awhile back.

All Dromina young fellas play with Shandrum as well. Dont think there was an official approach from Milford about a merger. Just a couple of fellas talking about it. Some country clubs really struggling for numbers

Sure the mergers come down to nowt but what set of alickaoodos haven’t fallen out with each other really. Good few clubs in duhallow pass 3 or 4 clubs to get their merger

Brian Hayes gone to the hurlers.

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The football boys will be going mad with that one.

I think he’ll be a good addition to the panel. He is the profile of player that we have been lacking up front in recent years

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Is Ben O’Connor from the Barrs definitely gone to the rugger?

I had heard the rugby crowd were getting pissed off with him for doing his own thing and keeping the hurling going

Whatever about Cork who have replacements, the Barrs would go from fringe Munster club contenders to not winning Cork championships if he leaves. Would be a colossal loss to the Barrs.

fringe munster club contenders :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


That’s a belter…

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fcuk, would really have liked to see him playing on with Cork

Heard Mark Coleman has an injury…?

Out for the season I heard.

Did the cruciate is the word.

Ah bollox lads

How did it happen, playing or training?

Does it matter, they have their excuse early