Cork- the county of traitors

huns sign irish u17 goalkeeper

in todays irish star…alan smith from cork but playing for crumlin united in dublin.signed him on a 2year contract

Always hated that Smith cunt

A dark day in Irish sport,shame on the cunt.

He’s not from Cork either, he was actually born in England.

Who are these huns?
Why is it treason?


What is Cork?

When they say hun they mean someone from the protestant faith. Treason is being called on this Irish man playing for a team who are linked with the protestant faith and Britian. Now if he had gone to Liverpool or man city that would have been fine, even though these two teams are the traditional protestant teams of their cities. It would have been okay for him to go to Celtic too, a British team that happen to play in green.

Hope that clears it up for you.

as a protestant im deeply offended that you link RFC with my religion :angry:

I’ve never been in Cork - is it worth a visit?

I hope this cunt breaks his legs and arms. Hun bastard.


[quote=“Bandage, post: 495201”]
I hope this cunt breaks his legs and arms. Hun bastard.
[/quote]Well said! :clap:

If he had signed for Glasgow Celtic what would your comments be?

I’m not aware of there being such a team.

idiotic question

[quote=“north county corncrake, post: 495206”]
idiotic question

Apologies, the Celtic football club. Same question.

I’d wish him the very best of luck.

Locke is coming across as quite the biggot on this thread

funny that he is all high & mighty on this thread considering he was concerned about which Rovers players go to mass