Cork v Waterford - All Ireland Hurling Semi-Final 2'17


Stop posting non Waterford stuff in this thread.


I saw the bare match. No after match analysis, I didn’t get to read much of the media articles either so therefore didn’t get involved in the discussion. Pity you wouldn’t do the same and refrain from commenting on stuff you haven’t analysed properly.
I did text @flattythehurdler & I rang @KinvarasPassion to wish them both well going forward.


Oh you need the post match analysis and papers to tell you what to say?


It was a wonderful uplifting message.


+1. That was very noticeable alright. I was taking on a load of Galway muldoons along with jealous posters from Tipperary’s other neighbouring counties from Sunday-Tuesday and @Brimmer_Bradley was marked completely absent.

Being on holidays is no excuse to withdraw from INTERNET BATTLES. And then he rocks up last night and says he’s been in some shitty apartment block or 3* hotel with a pool for two weeks and has barely left the premises. I was tentatively giving him some benefit of the doubt, thinking he was busy with outdoor activities (boat trips, water parks) and sightseeing but he was lying down on a sunbed and hiding from @Ambrose_McNulty.

I gave his post last night a sympathy like because I can’t think of a worse holiday than a 2-week break in some tower block in Lanzarote but what a gutless cunt. Jackie Cahill should write an article about him.


Mate - Give him a break. He didn’t hear what the lads on the Sunday game said and he hasn’t read any newspaper coverage on the game so how do you expect him to have an opinion on the game he watched?


4*. All private villas within a complex. Maybe you and your ilk go about the place like uk yobs roaring and shouting whilst splashing about in common theme parks and in general giving the Irish abroad a poor reputation.
However that’s not for me or my family.


What’s the name of your complex, pal? Thinking of going there in January myself…


I do need to watch the game over again as I find a lot goes by quickly in high stakes games like that when tension is high and you’re wound up.
You wouldn’t be used to your team playing in the latter stages of the competition so I know you can’t understand it.


Aren’t you going to the villa ? Seems a bit silly to go elsewhere when you own a villa.


I’ll be there for all of October. Need to share the wealth…


piece in the Times about Austin Gleeson and his decision making and looking for the spectacular score rather then doing what is best for the team. Fair points, acknowleding his ability but that he has quite a bit to go to make himself as good as he could potentially be.

cc @gilgamboa @Fagan_ODowd


You chunt, You only rang me because you wanted farm advice



Was Orlaith there to provide the tae?


De Burca would have been as well off having Christy Dignam defend him.


How much does the GAA pay the three of them I wonder? No representative of the GAA there, just legals, strange system?


I would say non-gaa is absolutely needed sure. No agenda


If Waterford cannot absorb loss of one player then they don’t deserve to win an AI. Time for one of the others to step up now.

He was sent off. It was not obviously a wrong call and so There are consequences.

The GAA disciplinary appeals procedure is a fucking farce.

Maybe they now will go man to man and play the game. There will be no Waterford lads crying if Cork lose a man to a marginal call on Sunday.


They couldn’t even spell “Tadhg” correctly.

Surely grounds for this to be overturned?