Cork v Waterford - All Ireland Hurling Semi-Final 2'17


A proper old school Waterford City man @Fagan_ODowd


For anyone that’s forgotten since last week or Tue week before or the week before that, Mullane reminds us today that he didn’t “go down that route” when he was suspended. Thanks for the reminder John, looking forward to it again next week. Mullanes ramblings on a Saturday are about as one dimensional as his hurling was. Compared to Jackie on a Friday it reads like a comic


If you think that’s bad, you should have heard Eoin Kelly ( Waterford ) on off the ball the other night.
Tony Browne was allright though yesterday morning.


My sincere dedicated honest loving faithful prayers are with you Waterford.


Every year the two primary schools here run a fund night. They also auction football and hurling tickets. I’ve bought them for the last three years. €200 for a pair of tickets. Over the odds but a good cause. If Waterford win tomorrow, I’d say I could get a hefty return on investment. But if I decide not to go, I will sell them at face value


Thanks for telling us what a top top man you are mike.


I hope you get a worthy home for the tickets Mike.


Lads without All Ireland medals have no business telling others lads how to win one


I will grapes but if it’s a Waterford Galway final, I’ll be very tempted to makes the trip to soak up the atmosphere


That would be the dream final mate.


It’s written in the stars, a Cork Galway final and a Galway win, like the good aul days, traditional counties playing traditional hurling the way it should be played


Wtf Mike.

That post has absolutely nothing got to do with the thread title & is a plain needy attempt to garner likes. Shame on you.


You’re nothing but a fucking snake, you know that. You’re following me around like fucking love sick.puppy.


@carryharry, I genuinely don’t think @iron_mike was throwing bouquets at himself for paying €200 for a pair of tickets with a cost price of €160. @iron_mike, I don’t think @carryharry wanted to hurt you with his comment and I’d urge you two to work on salvaging your e-relationship.


Except that good aul days have never seen Galway beating Cork in a final…


Yeah but you get my sentiment, Galway are due a win over cork after 86,90,05
It’ll be a great day for hurling


If myself and Mike weren’t e buddies right now I’d hope he gets rammed trying to sell those pretend tickets at a marked up price.


Did a good few calls around Cork City, Macroom and back via Glanmire, Watergrasshill, Rathcormac and Fermoy last Friday.

Bar Rathcormac there was fuck all colours flying anywhere really. Have the Cork public no interest in the Hurlers?


It’s a fucking semi final mate. We have a bit more dignity than that


Rathcormac is littered with Bunting & Flags.