Cork vs Louth / Galway vs Meath

Louth are winning 0-09 to 0-08 at half time and are playing some excellent stuff. Cork’s attitude reflects the fact they came up expecting to win easily while Louth are getting stuck right in. It’s an exact replica of thefreekick’s shambolic performance the other night in fact. Like us I still think Cork will win but they’ll have to up their workrate and intensity considerably.

The second game is very hard to call. Will there be a kick in Galway? What is their real level - the side that blew Mayo away or the one that was awful in their other games in Connacht?

Will Meath’s steel prove too much for them seeing as Galway didn’t want to know when the physical stakes were raised against Sligo? Will Geraghty feature?

I think Meath will sneak it.

Cork won 0-16 to 0-14 in the end. Nicholas Murphy had a huge second half in midfield and they more or less owned possession. They adopted a running game and probably should have won by more but for some poor option taking in attack.

Meath are winning by 2-06 to 0-6 at half time. Stephen Bray really is a superb talent - 2 excellent finishes for his goals and his all round game’s been class.

Meath are far more determined and committed in the tackle which is what I expected.

Whats the score now?

It’s level Pagey. 1-12 Galway to 2-9 Meath

Thanks, must be a good game. Ive been round 4 so called Irish pubs this morning but no luck finding somewhere that shows it.

Meath are just gone two points up - Brian Farrell free and now Geraghty has knocked one over.

How long left?

7 to go plus stoppages. Farrell got another point so 3 in it. Are you still in Brazil?

No in Buenos Aires. Great city far better then Rio.

Meath are cruising this a bit now. Galway can’t get hold of the ball. 4 in it and 67 gone.

Meath won by 3 in the end.

Wouldn’t have changed the outcome but how the ref stuck to the 3 minutes to add on is beyond me. Murphy took at least a minute after Meehan’s fisted point to kick the ball out again. Then he took another 30 seconds at the end there. It’s just frustrating that they don’t add on time in injury time when there was nowhere near 3 minutes of added time actually played.

Meath were well worth the win though - Galway dropped the heads with about 15 minutes left and didn’t want to know.

Great news, thanks for the update. Do Meath look good enough to challenge for Sam?

Meath are definitely a coming team.

What a shocker of a decision for the Galway penalty.

When they got back level it was anyone’s game but Meath’s greater desire shone through in the latter stages.

Coyle made some good switches too in response to Ford’s subs. Getting Moyles back to centre back saw Joyce’s influence wane after he had given Kevin Reilly the run around after his introduction.

Geraghty was an obvious one to bring in and he took a nice score and then Charles McCarthy kicked the last one to seal it after coming on too.

Rubbish times for Galway football really. Thought it was poor from Ford to choose the qualifier to drop Meehan, Savage and Joyce. Should’ve had the balls to do it earlier if he was going to do it. There are too many lads that have had their success and are just going through the motions. There’s no hunger as could be seen from them going out with barely a whimper.

There’s a decent crop of young talent there but it’ll be a few years before we can think of challenging for Sam. We’re way behind as it is. Meath could get on a roll now. Not beyond the realms of possibility that they could win the Championship. Bray is indeed a lovely footballer and they have managed the whole Geraghty thing quite well.