Cork weirdo/sicko thread


bullet points please


He may not be successful overall - but seeing as use of data breached 2014 EU law the court had to be seen to uphold it but he is still going to rot for life.


This wasn’t the appeal of his murder conviction. That is pending. Regardless of the outcome today, I’d be amazed if his murder conviction is quashed.


the data was held too long


I think the whole case is shady. He may well be guilty, but there is zero hard evidence. None.


Yeah, no murder weapon, no DNA linking him to murder. All circumstantial evidence.

That he was proven to be a creep/UUCOAM from his texts to the victim and his phone placed him in the area she was last seen alive was enough to convict him.

If the phone stuff is to be disregarded in any possible retrial the rest of the case looks flimsy enough, as far as I can see.


It was the mobile phone data that put Joe O’Reilly away too. Not an ounce of physical evidence linking him to that murder either.


Is Joe O’Reliiy from Cork?


No, but he is also a weirdo.


Ah shtap


And that he had sent her thousands of messages outlining how he fantasized about murdering her in the exact way she died


Yeah, but as I said there is no hard evidence linking him to the murder. Just a load of texts threatening stuff.

No witness, no confession, no DNA linking him to a crime scene or weapon, nothing. Guilty as sin IMO but it’s all circumstantial.


He was only coddin I’d say.
The jury had it in for Carkies


It’s not all phone stuff that could possibly be discounted. It’s just the metadata stuff relating to phone locations, call times etc. The text messages would still be admisable I’d say.


in what context are phone locations and call times metadata?

a phone location is presumably coordinates - which is data
a call time is date/time - which is data.

metadata describes information about data


What does metadata of an email contain?


data about the email.


Yes, the same with mobile phone metadata, it’s data about the call. I don’t get your point.


why is it not admissable?


EU law