Cormac mcanallen

hard to believe its 5 years already some good articles in some of the papers

McAnallen was a really good footballer, very versatile. He slotted really well into full-back in '03. The whole story of this Tyrone team and all the tragedy and obstacles they have had to overcome is such a compelling one. There was some emotion at the end of that final in '05 when they won it again. I’d like to see them do it again in '09 if Dublin don’t win it.

He was also the Blackboard Jungle winning captain in 1998 for St. Pat’s Armagh. The same year I was supposed to be captain of my school’s team but was disgracefully thrown off the team after going on the hop in school one day.

Who’s Conor McAnallen?

Tyrone intercounty footballer who was found dead in his bed one morning after suffered Sudden Adult Death Syndrome at the age of 24. He is dead 5 years now.