Coronavirus - Condemned to death by Mick and the Horsey Set

We go again.

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Seems legit @Julio_Geordio

Awful morning of it. All I could get was 6 spuds, a bulb of garlic, tin of beans and tuna from a Muslim supermarket. The main supermarkets are gone insane


Game changer

Already looking forward to the Ravenous thread later.


Fuck it, I’ve been working from home every Friday for nearly 4 years. Cha-ching!

Let the wu hu do what it do to you…

Got 2 emails off recruitment agents over the last few days. Weird or what.

Fair play mate. ALDI are going nuts for staff. This is a penalty kick for you.

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Have you any auld bags of Huel left over from 2018?

Minister Harris says we are not taking social distancing seriously enough on the Pat Kenny Show.

I’m with Minister Harris on this, standing at least 2 metres apart.

Minister Harris has addressed my query yesterday about mobile fever testing in public buildings. He says it is not effective because of asymptomaticism and that the WHO have told him so.

I think I accept this explanation from Minister Harris.

Minister Harris sounds wired to the moon but completely on the ball. I’d say he’s caffeined off his head and has barely slept in the last two weeks.

Minister, my minister.


Doesn’t he have an underlying health condition as well?

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The man has visibly aged in the last fortnight.

Fair fucks to him though. He is doing a fine job

I went into Morrisons in Rochdale yesterday. Full of angry grim faced, bitter, entitled aggressive elderly people shopping like it’s the end of the world.
Idiots were queued round the block for the tills, screeching at each other, whilst the self service bit was deserted.
The EU are well shot of this lot.


That line alone sounds horrific.


It does mate, you have no idea. I bought two packs of porridge, washing up powder and fabric conditioner, teabags, kitchen towels and two big tubs of organic peanut butter.
I was going to.look for multivitamins, but it was too depressing so I fucked off out of it.
I have 17 months left in Rochdale :frowning:

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Isolate Isolate Isolate for Ireland


is there no waitrose there?