COTY 2009 Vote - Quarter Final F

[CENTER]Brian McFadden
David McWilliams
Mick Galwey
Tony Fenton
Anthony Tohill
Leo Varadkar
Ian O’Doherty
Ellen Martin
Liam McHale
Donal McIntyre
Paul Collins

[CENTER]4 to qualify

Poll to follow[/CENTER][/CENTER]

Ah for fuck sake, after the dead rubber of the last quarter we now get one jam packed with cunts. A big player is going to lose out here.

Paul Collins.

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Hard one to call, but still easily decided on Tip’s own PC after weighting the entertainment value (when the cunt’idate tries to sue Bondage)

I went with rent-a-reference

McWilliams is a cunt for going sqealing to the papers about Lenihan asking him for advice - Thats cuntish behaviour of the highest order.

first heat where i need to have a think, i have it narrowed down to 5

McWilliams is a cunt for what he done to Brian Lenihan, i.e. going squealing to the papers after Leniham asked him for advice - cuntish behovior like that should be acknowledged.

Fuck that. The government have been making it up as they go along, no harm in showing the people that.

This heat has an awful lot of cunts. Has to be McWilliams for me. An utter utter cunt

O Doherty has had a dip in form lately, not writing anything interesting at all - And then he comes up with this crap!

How depressed are you today? Are you knackered, skint and would prefer to simply stay tucked up in bed rather than go back to a job you hate?

Or are you feeling that the New Year brings a new start and if we can simply adopt a more positive, American-style attitude then we can all collectively drag ourselves out of the mire?

Well, if you’re one of those doughty types who likes to look on the positive side, then we have a solution for that — Celebrity Big Brother.

If ever even the most idealistic and hopeful individual needed proof that, as a species, we don’t deserve to exist, then surely it comes in the form of a programme which treats as stars a Russian waitress who shagged a married man old enough to be her grandad and a cage fighter who slept with the walking biological contamination unit that is Jordan. And Vinny Jones.

What’s even more depressing is the return to our screens of Davina McCall, the gurning, face-pulling talent vacuum whose sole contribution to the betterment of human kind was to make Jade Goody a star.

But it turns out she may not be as deluded as it first appears, because she admits that she won’t allow her children watch television: “It’s bad for them. It definitely affects their behaviour.”

And she has a point - although it’s a bit rich coming from a woman who fronts a programme which has done more damage to an entire generation than crack and syphilis combined.

Having said that, nothing on display on CBB is quite as traumatic as the promo for McCall’s new dancing show which features her in a figure-hugging leotard. Nurse! My eyes! Pluck them out, please!

I’m much the same, McIntyre is an uber cunt but how can you ignore the Tipp wanker. Then there’s Ian O Doherty…and McFatten…very difficult this one

Not a single vote for Leo Varadkar yet? Looks like he’s finally won the public over :clap:

Davina McCall is a fox.

It says it all when you have 10 votes cast already and not a single one for Leo Varadkar.

I urge people not to forget about the cuntishness of Mick Galwey in the year gone by.

[quote=“The Runt”]It says it all when you have 10 votes cast already and not a single one for Leo Varadkar.


I’ve already drawn attention to this runt. It just goes to show that people really liked him all along.

Agreed. I’d love to lick her bum.

McCall has been a talentless gurning cunt since she was on MTV. The big brother thing just cemented her outstanding cuntishness.

All the way Galwey . Cunt

A very strong surge for Galwey over the last half hour or so. His campaign is now moving with the force of an out of control SUV.