COTY 2011 Heat 6

[]Anton Savage
]Graham “I’m giving up polishing silverware for lent” Canty
[]Michael Healy-Rae
]Donal Lenihan
[]Ian O’Doherty
]Leo Varadkar
[*]Brendan O Carroll


What a heat!!

This is a tough one. Savage, Healy-Rae, Lenihan, O’Doherty and O’Carroll would all be worthy finalists in their own right.

O’Doherty has to win this. He has to

Group of death. Whoever comes through this has to be a contender.

I might use my “Savage” vote on Prone in the other heat.

O’Doherty would only be delighted to find out he won this competition.

We have a very clear early leader here.

Healy-Raes interview on the last word after that phone call scandal early on this year was enough to secure my vote. Prone will qualify from the other heat. Lenihan will remain a constant annoyance. O’Carroll has now inflicted his shite on the English so for that I suppose he deserves some credit. O’Doherty will get enough votes elsewhere.

Ian ‘I have character’ O’Fatcunt gets the Piles vote here.
This is the heat of cuntdeath so far though.

Wow the group of death here it’s tough.

They’re all cunts, but O’Doherty and O’Carroll are both smug cunts which elevate them higher in the overall scheme of cuntishness
They both have been given cushy shows by rte because of their cuntish self promotion which also makes it harder to decide I may need to sleep on this one

O’Doherty loves being called a cunt so I’m voting for someone else

What’s the gripe with Brendan O’Carroll? He’s always came across to me as a relatively unfunny comedian but little else.

carroll gave 50 grand to the vincent de paul as well so he can’t be all bad. Got publicity for it though.

Savage for me.

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What did Canty do again? It was something to do with being the greatest captain ever to win an All Ireland or something like that?



Was it something to do with a TV ad he was on for Lent or some charity about him giving up cleaning trophies or medals?

What did Donal Lenihan do to be considered a cunt?

I presume mac nominated him :rolleyes:

Go fuck yourself chewy louie :shakefist: