COTY 2011 Heat 8

[color="#000000"][font=Calibri][size=“3”]1.[/size] [/font][size=“3”]Neil Francis [/size]
[color="#000000"][font=Calibri][size=“3”]2.[/size] [/font][size=“3”]Chris O’Donoghue [/size]
[color="#000000"]3. The curly haired bouncer in Monroe’s pub in Galway
[color="#000000"][font=Calibri][size=“3”]4.[/size] [/font][size=“3”]Brenda Donohue [/size]
[color="#000000"][font=Calibri][size=“3”]5.[/size] [/font][size=“3”]Alison O’Connor [/size]
[color="#000000"]6. Rory at Elephant self storage
[color="#000000"]7. [size=“3”]Philip Boucher-Hayes [/size]

[color="#000000"][size=“3”]Top 2 qualify[/size]

[color="#000000"][size=“3”]Poll closes 24 hours from this post[/size]
[font=“Calibri”][size=“3”][color="#000000"] [/size][/font]

Weakest heat so far.

Sid you should have seeded this thing. There are some prime cunts not making it through from other heats that would have walked this.

A voe for Brenda Donohue is a vote for G Ryan and Tubridy combined. That is all I will say.

A heat full of nobodies as opposed to cunts

I spoiled my vote. I don’t know who any of these people are

Don’t know any of these clowns. Philip Boucher-Hayes sounds like a right cuntish name though.

Precisely the reason he got my vote too.

Alison is a fat, ignorant, ugly, partitionist cunt who wrote a series of ‘we don’t want his type down here’ articles about Martin McGuinness around the time of the Presidential Election. She used to be on Vincent Browne quite a bit but I don’t watch it any more.

Thanks bandage, i needed some guidence. I’ve actually enjoyed a bit of Francis recently and he was the old chap i knoew so didn’t want to spoil my vote, lads weren’t fighting brits in 1916 for votes to be spoilt

The Dancing Baby exposed as a Munster fan by voting for Francis. :lol:


  1. Alison O’Connor
  2. Brenda Donohue

Good on ya Brenda you fat cunt Kildare heifer.