COTY 2011 - Semi-Final B

Poll closes 24 hours from this post

Top 3 qualify

Because I’m feeling in a generous mood I’ve decided to admit the unluckiest losing cunt from the first round. See if you can guess who it is.

Brenda Donohue
Terry Prone
Richie Sadlier
Darren Scully
That cunt who committed the unprovoked attack on the 16-year old boy in Corbally leaving him brain damaged
Jim Allister
Oliver Callan
Mark Robson
John O’Donoghue
Ger Colleran
Paul Martin
Craig Doyle
Ian O’Doherty

Could Richie Sadlier do a Denmark?


Nobody makes fun of bandages massive forehead and gets away with it :shakefist:

This is going to be epic, 4 of them all with 3 votes and the rest with none. I expect Sadlier, Prone and Callan to progress with O’Doherty running them close.

Ah here, this is practically impossible.

Yes, this vote should be much more concentrated on 4 or 5 candidates than the first semi-final where there was a large spread of votes. Some of these cunts stand above the rest of their competitors.

That’s the type of competition we want at the business end of COTY.

There’s a right plethora of cunts in this group, but I feel Prone will make the final without my vote.
Has anyone any advice for me as to whom should join her? I’m happy to assist any forumite with strong feelings on the matter,now that Mitchell has made the final…

Richie Sadlier. He’s a drug taking failure who made fun of Bandages forehead publicly on Twitter.

36 votes cast so far yet 8 of the 13 cunts have still to pick up a single vote.

Here comes the Sadlier surge.

Sadlier you cunt. :shakefist:

Sadlier needs votes still

He’ll get put through anyway.

The bastard… :guns:

The Sadlier surge. :clap:

About 40 minutes left… Once again, things are so tight that your vote will count. Do the right thing.

Fucking hell if Prone misses out here we should all hang our heads.