COTY 2012 Heat 8

Poll closes 2pm Tuesday

Top 2 qualify

  1. Sean Dunne

  2. james nolan

  3. Michael O’Neill, ex Shamrock Rovers manager.

  4. Ger Gilroy - I really fucking hate this smug, sweeping generalisationing, know-it-all cunt

  5. Eamon Fennell. This cunt will be hard bet.

  6. Giovanni Trapattoni

What an utter cunt of a man

  1. Dr Ed Walsh. The word “smug” was probably coined for this cunt

  2. Colm O’Rourke

  3. Liam Limousin Cahill

  4. Terry Wogan being interviewed on the John Murray show here. The smuggest cunt I have encountered in a while.

  5. james traynor

  6. Astonishingly, it seems that Pat McQuaid has, as yet, not been nominated.]croppy_boy ,]Elvis Brandenberg Kremmen ,]tazdedub ,]His Holiness Da Dalai Lama ,]HBV*

Scum, sub-human scum.

Not fair having pat mcquaid and Sean dunne in the same heat. A group of death. Either would be in the running for COTMillenium.


  1. Pat McQuaid

  2. Liam Limousin Cahill