COTY 2013 Group H




  1. John Gardiner
  2. Nicola Tallant Sunday World “journo”
  3. Daithi O Se
  4. Donal Skehan
  5. Ivor Callely
  6. Boyd Barrett, Richard
  7. Shortall, Róisín.
  8. Jerry Kiernan
  9. Enda Kenny
  10. Michael Fingleton
  11. JP MCManus
    157.Fionann Sheehan
  12. Will Hanafin
  13. Willie O’Dea…devious me fein knobhead

Strong heat.

has to be Sheehan the ginger arse licking cunt.

Come on lads get those JP votes in , vote early and vote often for the snooty uber cunt.

Fucking hell this is a way stronger group than I.

Lots or worthy winners here but I’m sticking to JP and Jerry.

John Gardnier and Donal Skeehan

I detest that Donal Skehan cunt.

He is a proper cunt bag alright!

I’d love to smash his fucking face in!!

He’d batter the fuck out of you, you windy cunt bag


I had mixed Donal Skehan up with Walsh, I though we were an awful shower of cunts altogether in here for a second.

The group of death in the 2013 COTY competition. Incredibly strong group.

Isnt this skeehan lad the chancer with the cooking show?

I had hoped Hanafin would be polling stronger here.

Bit like his radio show, he is overshadowed by bigger cunts here.

Callelly and Fingers ADVANCE.

Gah, JP, Hanfin and Tallant are OUT.