COTY 2014 Heat B


Top 2 qualify
24 hour poll
Multiple votes allowed

Nomineee and nominator:

2Alan Kelly The Selfish Giant
15Bernard O Shea the most infamous
28Brian O Driscoll Rudi
41Conor McGregor il bomber destro
54Don McClean myboyblue
67Facebook Girl myboyblue
82Gerry Quinn ciarancareyshurlingarmy
95Joe Brolly the most infamous
108Kieran McGeeney myboyblue
121Mary Lou McDonald croppy_boy
136 Niall cunting Harbison Mark Renton
149 Pat Cox Boxtyeater
162Robert Dowds TD Sandymount Red
175 Sgt Maurice McCabe thedancingbaby
188 Thomas McFeeley piles hussain

That’s more like it :clap:
A cracking heat

Christ, it’s easier to say who is not COTY material for this particular heat. So many viable candidates deserving of a vote.

How anyone could vote for other than Tom mcfeeley is beyond me, a crook, and a coward trying to hide behind her majesty’s skirts when it suited him.

I’m afraid 2015 thinking is going to have a big bearing on the McGregor vote and I’d nearly make him favourite to win out the whole thing.

I’d love if McGregor got this, the talented cunt.

Has to be Pat Cox after starting the civil war in Ukraine.

He’s in the ra mate, the stoolers won’t vote for him.

Would have Harbison all day but he mightn’t even make top 3

Heat B has quality cunt fibre!!!

He was until he had to fumble in the greasy till. He became a loyal subject of her majesty as soon as money was at stake.

All mcgregor ever did was try and make a living by throwing out a few well worn pantomime insults. The second hand Chris Eubanks of the UFC.

I’m going with Alan Kelly. Lads, you’d have to meet him to realise how much of an arrogant, condescending cunt he is.

Wasn’t Maurice McCabe the whistleblower? :smiley: What was the beef with him? Too whingey?

Lads can ye leave Conor McGregor out of it after this heat. He’s a no mark, making a fool of himself to make a living. Some of the people on this list are genuine cunts.

After what hes done to some of the citizens of this state having his body dumped on a beach in louth is too good for him

[quote=“Julio Geordio, post: 1077152”]Wasn’t Maurice McCabe the whistleblower? What was the beef with him? Too whingey?
Of course he’s a cunt, he’s made a shite of getting off a few soft speeding fines for all of us.


The gear bag trick won’t work any more??

The gear bag trick won’t work any more??[/QUOTE]
Not when you’re retired pal :frowning:

[QUOTE=“myboyblue, post: 1077163, member: 180”]Not when you’re retired pal :([/QUOTE
Was mac a gard then?[/QUOTE]

Was mac a gard then?