COTY 2015 Heat 2/13

    1. Damien dempsey
  • 22 Oliver Callan
    1. Ger gilroy
    1. Jarlath Burns
    1. Panty Bliss
    1. Valerie Mulcahy
    1. Aodhan Ó Riordan
    1. Ivana Bacik
    1. Noel Walsh
    1. Jamie Heaslip
  • 31.Lucinda Creighton,
    1. Eddie Hobbs.
    1. Eric Byrne
    1. Dave McIntyre
    1. Keith Andrews
    1. Pat rabbitte
    1. Marian Finucane
    1. Mr Thornley from the Goodwin Barrett ad
    1. Patrick Honohan
  • 40 Paul Williams

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Weak heat

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Hardly? Williams, Hobbs, Callan and Panti Bliss will all mount a serious challenge for the title.

Panti 1
Burns 2

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Hobbs polling well


None of those fuckers are registering on my Cunt radar tbh.

Not a patch on heat 1

Panti Bliss
Eddie Hobbs
Oliver Callan
Paul Williams
Lucinda Creighton

Please explain why Damien Dempsey is here ? I recall in the summer the man saved the two lads from the Slaney in Enniscorthy.

Panti all the way. Vote often and early.

Because they were probably natives of Wexico you numpty…