COTY 2015 Heat 5/13

    1. Michael Quinn McDonagh, should be locked up for life and is a worthy nomination - he would’nt allow the release of the wife’s remains to the family for 11 days.
    1. Michael Noonan -the single biggest Uncle Tom in the country.
    1. John Duggan
    1. Niall Moyna
    1. James McCarthy (Everton)
    1. Kevin Kilbane
    1. Ronan O’Gara
    1. Alan Kelly (Labour Party, not ex-Ireland goalkeeper).
    1. Trent Johnston
    1. rosaleen mcdonagh
    1. Neilus Keogh
    1. Jason Byrne
    1. Senator Ronan Mullen
    1. David Quinn of the Iona “Institute”.
    1. Darren Clarke
    1. Judge Patrick McCartan
    1. Fiona Looney.
    1. Eoin Morgan wouldnt even sing his own country’s anthem over the weekend.
    1. Richie Sadlier.
  • 100.Barry McGuigan.

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Any cunt votes for Kevin Kilbane here should be weeded out and kneecapped.


And where the fuck is Suds?

Anyway, this is great stuff @Sidney.

That traveller prick is a no brainer here. The height of cuntishness


McDonagh ahead. Nice battle between Quinn and Kelly

Folks please take a moment to consider just how much of a cunt fiona looney is. Thank you.


I also demand that anyone voting for the Greatest Living Irish man Mickey Noonan be banned from the board for life.

What did this Iona Institute fella do this year that was particularly cuntish?

Twas around the time of the marriage referendum. Probably no worse than what @HBV and @Tassotti were posting on here at the same time

Worse? HighBallVolvic and Tassotti called that farce spot on.

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stood up for his beliefs.

no suprise smallminded pricks like @mac sees him as a cunt.

The Iona Institute are a collection of cunts and used dirty underhand tactics in their campaigning. The size of a persons mind has no bearing on those facts.

David Quinn on Matt Cooper, arguing against the pubs opening on Good Friday.

Fucking insufferable

David Quinn
Alan Kelly TD
Senator Ronan Mullen
Michael Noonan
Niall Moyna