COTY19: Cunt of the Year Log Thread 2019


Johnny Doyle
Jason Sherlock


Mary Robinson


leo “robot” Varadakar


on so many levels. hypocritical arsehole took the petrodollars when offered but preaches on climate change


Well surprise surprise.


Signing out.


surprising indeed that you’ve made no mention of the princess latifa. its only the virtue signaling women and leftists that get the “glas protection”


It’s only women that get attacked by fooley.


well that’s a lie but that par for the course with bigots like yourself




Philip McMahon


A possible Sky Blue five in a row has you driven demented while your own Sky Blues are hanging on by a thread against the best team in Europe (right now).


What cuntish things have any of these done in 2019 ?


Are you surprised that on a site where lads engage in reiki there are lads who also go to fortune tellers for some crystal ball gazing.


Peter Casey (the far right racist cunt, not the Limerick hurler)


Peter Casey - the Clare born and raised Limerick hurler


What exactly did he say to irk you so?


You seem quite irked that I’ve nominated him.



Herman Kelly

That completes the list of Bogside Nazis.


Not at all. I’m genuinely curious