COTY19: Cunt of the Year Log Thread 2019


Yer man up the back of the Hogan in the Ireland rugby jersey crying and hugging his two bewildered children = Exhibit A


hopefully the kids that went become genuine fans and keep the fire lit


Thats a dinger of a response.


Nothing wrong with kids being at an All-Ireland Final. I was a kid in 87 and 88. Cunts like Danny Healy Rae falling asleep and the man near me at one final who brought his wife so she could knit and read a magazine are the ones that are the problem.


The photo of DHR was utterly disgraceful and has been dealt with since. Shame on you for bringing it up again.


'tickets` I wanted 3 had to make do with 1, due to the same reasons I mentioned.


Did the spirit of Delores that was present in croke Park that day as we keep hearing fork out 80 snots I wonder?




I don’t believe the GAA charges admission for spirits. Granted if they did, they’d make a fortune off Mayo given all the ghosts that accompany them around.


fair play to you. You’ve outthicked Dick Clerkin. That is some achievement. You should be proud


Cian Tracey




Winner all day the bollox


I’m adding Harris onto the list as well


Fuck forgot him,it’ll be a tie ( he’s worse than Harney)


Aidan Regan


Great wumming in fairness


Not one bit embarrassing


He’s a serious dose. It’s like that guy who was going on about Mike Pence’s body language when welcoming a member of the LGBT community to Congress. Nobody saw an issue, except some lad desperate to show how right on he was.


On only in Oireland would you get a minister gadding about openly wearing the symbol of an organisation responsible for the enslavement of thousands of women, abduction of thousands of babies and physical and sexual abuse of thousands of children; and that still works to frustrate investigation into any of these crimes to this day. And paddy potato will stand up for her right to do so.