COTY19: Cunt of the Year Log Thread 2019


No need to try that hard.


The crucifix is a sign of Christianity as a whole and is not the preserve of the Catholic Church .


did hbv get your login?


Always thought the cross was Christian, the crucifix is Catholic. No?


Lads, when did Jasmine unveil this new edgy side?




Isn’t he a fan of the Catholic church and anything that represses women in general?


I dunno, I was referring to the Oireland and Paddy the Potato shit


Could you not vary it a bit? Maybe try to include two emojis next time (same one multiplied by 2, wouldn’t want you to self combust trying to choose 2 separate ones)


Wearing a cross should be treated as a hate crime!


That’s silly.


Just highlighting the gombeenism of the four posters above my response. Anyway, Oireland is a Tassotti invention, the other fella hasn’t had an original thought in his life.


So it’s OK to promote/condone the enslavement of thousands of women, abduction of thousands of babies and physical and sexual abuse of thousands of children?






First question any late late show host is obliged to ask a yank guest- shur u love it here don’t ya?


Well then…


so are you saying this fella is or isn’t a cunt?


That doesn’t mean it needs to be a “hate crime”. That hardly needs to be said. Dope.


What about wearing a swastika?