COTY19: Cunt of the Year Log Thread 2019


I think you should condemn the individuals responsible for that, not trying to blanket blame the whole religion which has done so many wonderful things for people.

Maybe you should head along to your local SVDP branch and try and admonish the vulnerable people they help and assist.


You haven’t yet condemned the individuals responsible I see. Very telling.




To take the second point first, of course they are to be commended.

And the result of the referendum was brilliant, it was a resounding result and it did a lot to reassure many people.

My point was that having referendums on whether minorities get equal civil rights is wrong in principle.

*Edit: on the heaps of grey areas, I disagree.


I didn’t sneer at anyone for their beliefs.


I did. I said members of the church did some terrible things. I called you out on trying to blanket blame all Catholics for their actions.

It’s a pity you ran away when I asked you about a pregnant lady drinking alcohol and taking sleeping tablets when in the care of her children. It seems your bigotry and crusades are very selective and contradictory.

All Catholics should take ownership of the actions of members of their church apparently whereas travellers can behave disgracefully without reproach.


You’ve yet to say you condemn those actions and the Catholic Church’s efforts to cover them up. Will you say that you condemn them and the attempts to cover them up?


I will condemn it but I don’t think it is anything unique to the Catholic Church. Its a societal issue in Ireland, what did the presiding governments, judicial and police departments do to uncover it? That has nothing to do with the Catholic Church though, does it?

Boy Scouts Ireland
Underage sports coaches

Why are these crimes only coming to the public eye now?

Maybe you could answer the question posed to you re Travellers.


And yet you still haven’t condemned it. Very curious.


You set up an account for that? :smiley:




Lurking for years until he could resist it no more and comes out with an absolute beaut :laughing:


I already have. I find in interesting that you still are persistent with your intolerant hate speech on Catholics though.

A shame you don’t want travellers to take the same ownership of their treatment of women and their own children.


You wouldn’t be a fella for the generalisations :laughing:


Where did you? You never condemned it. Strange that you can’t simply say it


@glasagusban is happy for generalisations against Catholics but not others. He is a bigot.


You must be blind as well as ignorant.


Quote for me where you condemned it there.


Getting them in early in anticipation:

Sammy Wilson
John Connors
Damien Dempsey
Ronan “Ro” Keating

I was going to put in Sinead O’Connor but she’s too doolally to have any responsibility for her actions, allah bless her.


There you go @glasagusban,