COTY19: Cunt of the Year Log Thread 2019


You acknowledge they did terrible things yet you didn’t condemn those terrible things. Unusual stance to take.


I said what they did was terrible. You’re going back into your shell. It’s usually what happens when you have to deal with people smarter than you.


That’s not a condemnation though. Very strange for you to make so many replies and yet not condemn these actions that you say are terrible. And their cover up.


I think you need to learn what terrible means.


I wonder what would have been Mister Regans reaction is she went on wearing a burca


Thought the same myself. I’d imagine “none whatsoever” is the answer


I’m a practicing RC and those who hurt abused murdered should be exterminated end of- but the vast majority of clergy are decent - not for a second putting the whures who hid offenders/ moved them about in that category


I think you need to learn what condemn means.


No, I think you need to learn what it means


Goodbye now.


Pick your lip up off the floor when you’re leaving.

Good girl.




I’d say there’d have been a massive reaction to that mate, what do you think yourself?


@glasagusban don’t look in to the history of the world as you will probably do away with yourself. You’d Sware somebody owed you a Fucking apology because you don’t live in a perfect world. Shit happened dragging the rotten past up will make you miserable. People move on. Pleanty of good priests out there who help families and people in need. And you wouldn’t open your cunt mouth to them because you are a cowardly individual.


Depends. Personally I couldnt give a fuck


I’m not a practicing Catholic but I do teach religion (morality and Christian values in my case) and I agree with that, most clergy of my acquaintance throughout my life have been sound enough, awful shame to tar them with the one brush


Well if she had went out wearing a Burka I guarantee it’d have been a massive deal.


Yes it’s extremely hard for the good guys to be constantly apologizing for the animals who did these things to the innocent,feel for my pp and the other 2 priests in my parish who go out of their way to do this


Probably. It’s a question of Mister Regans reasoning behind his comments. Looks like it was just a cheap shot tbh and he looks like the type of flute that had she went on wearing a burca, would be preaching to us of how tolerant we should be.


I never said otherwise.