COTY19: Cunt of the Year Log Thread 2019


Didn’t say you did


Take a breath kid.


what was done was inexcusable and religious or not it’s hard to understand as a father/ grandfather how this was done and covered up- think the ordinary priest shouldn’t have to shoulder any blame - but lots of ppl on social media fire cheap shots ( not referring to yourself)and it’s unfair


Lads, ye are all making a show of yourselves because some wanker on Twitter wanted a bit of publicity.

I’m not religious in the least but I have a medal of padre pio in the car, to keep my very religious Granny happy.


You said someone wearing a crucifix was offensive. It might be offensive to a bigot who hates Catholicism, like yourself.


Fucking SJW ers on a Monday too early in the week.


No I didn’t. Learn to read please.


I think you need to learn how to read.


Oggy oggy oggy


@Cicero_Dandi logic


Lads getting touchy about tarring swathes of people with the one brush in this thread is quite funny.
It’s a staple of this place ffs sake.
For example

GGA fans - paedophiles
Celtic fans - paedophiles
Members of the swimming society - paedophiles
Liverpool fans - murderers
Romans - arse stabbers
Chipp folk - animals (I’ve met one or two who are sound tbf)
Wherever you don’t like - whatever you like
Whoever you want to wind up - whatever you can think of



Wrong, to quote yourself.


You forgot rugby.
Rugby fans - cunts


The crucifix has a very strong association with Catholicism, the plain old cross more so for general Christianity, I’m sure it’s not the preserve of Catholics but the link is there


Well it would in Ireland (southern Ireland, ROI, etc) as the great majority of Christians are Catholics, but CoE, CoI, Lutheran, Orthodox, Eastern denominations all use it.

I’m not sure what the value of a distinction between a crucifix and a cross is though, as they both symbolize the core belief of all Christians.


I don’t know the reason but there is most definitely a huge preference for the crucifix over the plain cross in Catholicism, somebody wearing one around their neck could rightly be assumed to be Catholic


But not a bad person.


Even if they were Church of Ireland? About 400,000 on the island of Ireland I think.


The symbol of the COI is a Celtic cross. Crucifix for Roman Catholic church


Either way it was a cheap from your man to comment on it on Twitter.