COTY19: Cunt of the Year Log Thread 2019


Course it was. He’s obviously an attention seeking wanker


Never knew that, thanks. Always assumed Church of Ireland would follow Church of England traditions.


That’s the distinction I’m pointing out, Protestants don’t use the crucifix symbol, certainly not in jewellery


Here fuck off, this was working wonderfully for me.


That’s because it burns their skin


This is now ideally set up for Matress Mick to come in with two feet when he wakes up from his slumber


Yes the cross means the same to all Christians,only thing that binds us.politics and the Roman empire split us up.


Liverpool fans bear some of the responsibility for Hillsborough.


Nembo logic



There has never been any proper sort of contrition from Murderpool fans for what happened in Heysel yet they try and cast the blame on others for Hillsborough.


Yet you question another poster for applying the same logic to the Catholic Church?


Are you sorry for what Murderpool fans did in Heysel?


Are you sorry for Mickey Harte’s character defence of a sex offender?


You’re avoiding the question with a question.

Why should I be sorry about Mickey Harte giving a character reference. He’s legally entitled to do so and he knows the family of the perpetrator very well.


Your defence of Mickey Harte’s decision to give character reference to a sex fiend and your non plussed attitude to the Catholic Church’s cover up of child abuse is quite disturbing. With your moral compass I’m not sure you’re in a position to judge anyone. Would your God approve of such blatant double standards?


You’re deflecting.

Mickey Harte committed no crime. He spoke about a family he knew as he was legally entitled to.

You refuse to address the murder of 39 people including an 11 year old boy by Liverpool fans.

@mikehunt logic.


Being an apologist for sickening sexual attacks will mean St Peter will have some questions for yourself and Mickey Harte at the Pearly Gates. I’m not sure Heysel whataboutery will get you anywhere but I’m sure you’ll try none the less.


He didn’t apologise for the attacks. He said he knew the attacker to come from a good family whom he knew well. Try not to embellish your prejudices.

Whataboutery is what you have attempted but you’re comparing convicted murderers with a man submitting a character reference which is perfectly legal.

You are the type of crazed nutjob that would be dangerous if you had any intelligence. Luckily for us you seem incapable of making coherent points.