COTY19: Cunt of the Year Log Thread 2019


Why are you nominating Casey you prick? :angry:


That wasn’t a nomination mate - apologies


Go on @Sidney
He must have said something to justify your histrionics


Apparently not?


Peter Casey, Limerick hurler


Robinson was too late for 2018. The Princess in the UAE ran off but was then kidnapped and smuggled back to the UAE.

Robinson goes for tea with the family and then starts saying that the Princess is not right in the head. She’s taken the shilling in a big way and demands a nomination.

Of course Glas is afraid to criticize these sorts of actions and deflects.


Is he?

It’s very funny to see this sort of comment, especially that just last night, you couldn’t bring yourself to answer a simple question about whether Hitler’s public utterances about Jews played any role at all in the perpetration of Kristallnacht, because you knew that answering it either way would expose you as either i) advancing a plainly idiotic argument which would blow apart the stance on Trump you’ve been trying to maintain for the last two years or ii) expose you as a raving anti-semite.

That’s what happens when you tie yourself in knots and have a football team view of politics rather than having any real beliefs in anything, as is the case with you.

I think you’ll find that pretty much everybody who has long admired Mary Robinson would have no problem at all in heavily criticising her for her current stance in relation to the UAE, because they aren’t “following a football team”, like you.


3 paragraphs of shite. Not interested.


Got there ahead of me.


That cognitive dissonance you have is a lot worse than I imagined.


Colm O’Gorman.


I think he’s quite possibly the male version of Ruth Coppinger.


Conor McGregor


Going for the much coveted two-in-a-row but I’d expect him to tap out when the chips are down.


I just watched the 1994 reeling in the years. How Denis Irwin allowed himself be turned inside out by those Mexican cunts still irks me.

Denis Irwin.


Savage fresh banter here today fellas, nothing stale at all at all :ok_hand:


YHOTY next year. He will do untold.


And how we’ll all chuckle knowingly when he shows up in Fagans first heat next December alongside his cuntish namesake and Johnny Doyle


Ineligible methinks ?