COTY19: Cunt of the Year Log Thread 2019


If Andrew La Touché Cosgrave can be nominated then anyone can I suppose.


HOTY so.


That was a cuntish act


Simon Harris TD.




To be honest Balbec where will you start PC ??


In the corner.


Who do you move ??


I’d say It’s a toss up between Mul and Gillane. Could see Gil at 14, free taker as well. Flanagan on the half line. The Dow hasn’t a hope of starting. It’s all very fluid. Great to see.




I’m still oblivious to this Irwin cuntentry…


To be very honest about it at the start of the year I thought this would be the last we’d see from Graham and at best he’d have an impact role only. But he’s never been better and on current form will not be outed. I genuinely can’t see who gives way for Casey


It’s just incredibly stale banter mate, the place is awash with it


The whole forward line could give way to Casey, he is the best forward ye have, he will 100% start


That’s not the way Kiely works. I’m not saying Casey won’t start but to assume he will is wrong

Limerick GAA 2019, the drive for five

He’s no fool, he’d be a fool to leave his best forward on the bench


Yeah, just like in 2018.


Best forward ?? On what evidence at senior IC level do you say that ?

Casey is a wonderful talent and I believe will be a serous IC forward but he will have to dislodge a few proven incumbents.


It’s an opinion mate, while he was on the field last year he was possibly Limerick’s best forward,
But just an opinion, if you think he won’t or shouldn’t be a starter we can disagree then


He did well overall last year when coming on but the incumbents don’t deserve to be cast aside yet . He will have to win the jersey . That is healthy .

Limerick GAA 2019, the drive for five