COTY19: Cunt of the Year Log Thread 2019


Some might say a “momentous” cunt


Anyone who has ever stood for election for the PD’s is a cunt of epic proportions. Golm is just at the top of the list. A bitter bollix.


Craig Bellamy


Vicky Phelan.




Does he/she have to be Irish?


Emmet Kennedy




Yes, but ethnic minorities are ineligible also.


Rory’s Stories (The baldy lad)


His flame will extinguish this year surely


This tipped me over the edge with regards to nominating him. (Someone I follow re tweeted it, hence appearing on my timeline)


Ohhh edgy.


I’ve met him few times (he’s not a druggy @Mac) and he will clearly admit he’s winging it to make as much dough as possible in the short timeframe.


He strikes me as the sort of lad who knows he’s living on limited time and doing everything possible to milk the shit out of it in the meantime. And he has @buffegan driven demented which can never be a bad thing


Now you’re talking, greatest ballbag in Irish politics after Leo the Langer


@WD40 been obsolete the Las year. I know buff is losing fan base, but man come on.


Has Sheika Robinson been nominated yet?


Derek ODonnell

Marie Payne


Saoirse Ronan.