COTY19: Cunt of the Year Log Thread 2019


Why is she a cunt, what did she say here that offends you?


The ballaghadereen solicitor, and his “associates” .


Uh oh @Jimmy_Mc_Nulty, you’ve got the snowflakes after you now.

May I remind the ladies that as long as this competition is still running, nominations do not require any explanation or backing up.

Go with God.


But it’s shit if people don’t put up an explanation. Really detracts from the competition. And debases it as a log of cuntish acts. I think people should put up reasons.




I’m surprised it took you that long…


She is an American I wouldn’t take much notice of what comes out of her gob.


Of course, it has always been thus. But I said up so MBB had to say down.


That’s now a valid nomination this year under the constitution.


Rules are rules as laid down by the board.


its time the board evolved, this is savage stale


Bono with tits.


I wasn’t offended by any of it.


What makes her a cunt then?


#MeToo Self serving grandstanding from luvvies, many of whom took cock from Weinstein , to make themselves more appealing to their supporters and to show the world how mature they are and how awful the rest of the world is. The same cunts that knew what the likes of Weinstein was doing for years but chose to ignore it. I know nothing about her but Cobains wife was one of the few that ever said anything.


The bartender on First Dates Ireland


Is this the American/Canadian fellow


Yes, yes it is


Donal Skehan. The talentless smarmy cunt is fucking everywhere.


Don’t fucking start me brother