COTY19: Cunt of the Year Log Thread 2019


And he has a wife :thinking:


Susan McKay. Hard to pick between herself and that man hating redhaired lesbian bint from UL.


Mary Lou McDonald, for justifying the Sinn Fein decision to send two senior members to Venezuela to support the inauguration of the corrupt cunt Maduro who has bankrupted an entire country that was once the richest in South America. Both the US and EU have described Maduro’s election as illegitimate, and the Organization of American States just voted 16-9 to not recognize the government of Maduro.

A spineless leader of a party that has no idea what it stands for.


Venezuela is a very well run country.


Well if Donald says so it must be true.


That woefully unfunny cunt David McSavage has just been participating in a cuntfest with Ray Darcy on RTE1.

I’m nominating McSavage, Darcy will have his own canvassing team at this stage.


My mam got me his book for Christmas. It’s a pile of fucking shit. And full of ‘handy hints’ like…‘buy all this stuff in tins in the shop, it’ll be quicker.’


You ungrateful cunt


I was grateful at the time Fagan and that’s what counts. It’s Skehan who nicked some of my mams hard earned cash. That’s grating.


:joy: Lol


Whoever in UL decided to give Geldof an honorary doctorate


Someone without taste,or brain’s.


The Keenaghans.


Fucking hell. What this thread was made for.


Yet the boys here will probably give it to geldof or Bruton


No Celtic crosses handed out in January. Cunts undoubtedly but at the lower end of the scale.


Geldof the langer


Poor example. You could have handed out the Celtic crosses in January for the past 4 years.



Ruth Coppinger