COTY19: Cunt of the Year Log Thread 2019


Is there an age limit on refereeing?


Sadly no.


Not at club level. It’s 50 at inter-county.


Or an intelligence/ eyesight test?


That’s a silly rule tbh. Should be based on fitness etc.


What an organisation :clap:


“foreign units” sounds sinister.


Paying for Walsh Park. Thanks guys.


There are over 90 affiliated clubs on continental Europe buddy, never mind the rest of the world.
Jaysus we need help over here too.
The gga :clap::clap::clap:


Can they not embezzle their own expenses?


They should ask the Galway CB for advice on that one.




What’s inaccurate with what he said?


The price he quoted for the Munster game for one.

But I mainly nominated him for being the GAA’s arse licker in chief.


Fair enough. I don’t recall too many GAA arse lickers for him to be the chief of especially amongst former players. In fact the GAA seems to be under constant attack by current and ex players and managers alike. I’m sure people will vote with their feet out of principal and just chose to watch the game on Sky.


Dick is a splendid nomination. Has potential and the hard neck to be a challenger.


Does this mean it’ll be 25 to get into porky keev


He’s on OffTheBall tomorrow to double down


Graham Linehan


Dick out batting for the GAA again cc @Bandage