cracking bargain-cccccccchhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrggggggggeeeeeeeeee

I have it TASE. It’s a cracking box set

What did he die of?

He died of a Tuesday.

Stanlio and Ollio as they used to call them in Italy.

Having said all that there is no way it ever retailed for 200 notes. I picked it up for around 30

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one guy who reviews it says its RRp is 99

200 is a bit much

You’d get it for a song in Tescos or Power City

Going out now soon to try to get myself a few bargains down the supermarket. I find that when you go down just before they close, often they slash the prices on fresh products such as bread, doughnuts, fresh cream buns etc which would otherwise be thrown out at the end of the night. In the last few weeks i have picked up a large packet of rolls (4 in the packet) for €0.19 and four doughnuts for €0.09. I will go in around 8:45 as they close at 9:00.

Is it not 9.20pm now in Paris though, The Dunph?

Apologies, the store doesn’t close until 10:00. I meant i will go down at 9:45. My watch displays Irish time so that i still feel at home…

Thank you for the clarification, The Dunph.

Free Ireland jersey when you open a Boyle’s account and bet at least €30 on a 2/1 shot or greater.

Hmmm, tempting. What sort of offers do Boyles normally put out for new customers do we know? I presume free bets to the tune of €50 or €100 but they’d be free matched bets once you bet the same amount. Can someone tell us the monetary value on one of thoese jerseys…

well worth doing- lay off on betfair for a free jersey

already a member- wonder what there KYC processes are like

Pretty good. Have been caught setting up a second and third account previously but then again I’m a simpleton. Try doing it in Mrs TASE’s name and you should be fine.

yeah- thats what Ill have to do- cheers Mac- so ill get a free jersey & a free bet too- good stuff rocko

You have to do it today TASE

noted mate- Ill do it today

Sadiq paid 6 pounds for these glasses. Seriously

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Tesco are selling 70cl bottles of Jack Daniels today for €20 reduced from €34.
Bombay gin at the same price. Every little helps us’ know.



When are we playing ye in the junior b?

The Bank Holiday Sunday afaik. We’re clashing Sunday in the cauldron of Boggaun in the league. ACL D1 Senior

Get your money on Fenagh now.Cccccchhhhhhhaaaaaarrrrrrgggggggeeeee